The unequaled power and wisdom of God is truly unimaginable by any of his creatures in its absoluteness and depth.  Hebrews 13:8 states “Jesus Christ, yesterday, and to day; and the same forever.”  Since his essence is the same as God the Father’s (John 1:1-14) what is said of Jesus Christ is the same in the Father.  If He is the same forever then his knowledge now is the same as it will be a million years in the future.  This means at any time in eternity He – God, remembers with the same perfect clarity anything that happened earlier in time or even “before” or more precisely outside of time (which makes little sense, since the concept of before only makes sense in time) or knows anything that will occur any arbitrary measure of time into the future. God existed and was able to function even “before” there was time because he created it and all the concept of time encompasses.

          God designed everything from an existence where the only other thing that “existed” other than Him was nothing (Genesis 1:1 and Psalm 89:2 Douey-Rhiems Bible).  With nothing pre-existing him He created the concepts of matter, time, logic, the laws of physics, the moral law, the execution and concept of life and how to infuse the one greatest things He had, which “nothing” else had – consciousness, into something He created. God then designed and created the universe with these things in mind. For conscious beings there is an absolute moral law which must be followed to be happy.  We must want to cultivate and subsequently cultivate the habit of strictly following the absolute moral law.  This will to cultivate of the habit of strictly following the absolute moral law is the manifestation of the consent that we give God to change our nature fundamentally, a change that will completely eliminate concupiscence (among all the other things lost due to original sin) to be able to realize the beatific vision (Mark 12:25) and be “as the angels in heaven.”

          The words create and creation are often misused. Music or physical theories are not created by man but music is composed using notes that already exist and scientific theories are constructed using existing mathematics and pre-existing concepts and theories.  Only God can create! To create means to make something out of nothing. To bring something into existence from nothingness.  No being except God can do this because it takes and infinite amount of power to do.  Height, width, depth and time only existed after creation.  The amalgam of height, width, depth and time is called the time-space continuum, and expanded out from Big Bang according to contemporary theories.  If one day something like magic would seem to exist because someone might be able to make something out of the nothingness of interstellar space it would not be creation but a way to pull enough energy to condense matter using existing energy and somehow manipulating the time space continuum. Antoine Lavoisier discovered that matter could neither be created nor destroyed but only changed from form to form.

           After Lavoisier it was found that thought “matter” could be annihilated it only transformed into energy and the total amount of energy/matter could not be created nor destroyed.  This shows another thing no created being can do and that is destroy matter/energy. Only God can truly totally destroy anything – i.e. turn it back or release it back into nothing (stop holding it in existence).

           Unlike humans, since God is all knowing, knows the exact location and state of every single atom, electron, photon or any other fundamental particle at any specific time throughout eternity. This extreme granularity of God’s knowledge is revealed in a way understandable to the common man in Mathew 10:30 where Christ says “but the very hairs of your head are all numbered.”  He similarly knows the plans, feelings, intentions (Jeremias 17:10) and “future” actions of all sentient beings at all times. Where man can only focus on one thing or possibly a few things at a particular time, God knows all-things at all times everywhere simultaneously, clearly.

            God’s power and intellect is truly unfathomable to a finite being (Isaias 55:8-9). The Beatific Vision and the way we will completely know God as our final end in heaven will be completely satisfying because we can find an infinite number of things to “focus” on and find the answer at any depth we desire in God to any amount of satisfaction forever in heaven.  No time, place, possible circumstance or concept that is within our power to comprehend will be out of our reach to “see” or examine. We can be truly satisfied to find out any answer we were curious about during our life.  The Beatific vision will allow us to sense others in heaven and their thoughts as Christ did after the resurrection in His glorified body (John 20:19-29), completely and unambiguously communicate to all other fellow sentient created beings in heaven and “communicate” clearly with God to as complete a clarity as would be totally satisfying to us as created beings.

            God has knowledge of our whole life just as God said to Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed thee in the bowels of thy mother. I knew thee and before thou camest forth out of the womb, I sanctified thee and made thee a prophet unto the nations.” So God knows each and every one of us, famous or unknown, rich or poor.  He gives us as many opportunities as we need to know him and to get to heaven.  Everything that happens, even we, the devil or someone else tries to subvert it, will lead to a better good. God’s plan for ultimate good cannot be derailed by anything. His plan is to make things the best for the present/future citizens of heaven, who, any of mankind’s men or women can join through their free will (Jeremias 29:11-13).  Romans 8:28 assures us that if we truly love God all things will work to help us become good citizens of heaven and eventually becoming saints in heaven.

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