Practical Measures the Bishop of Rome should consider Implementing to Mitigate the Current Church Crisis, in addition to what was mentioned in the Previous Four blogs

In the Solution to the Church Crisis In the following guidance to the bishop of Rome, I do not presume to be his better but I use bible quotes to reminded him, why he should do these things based on his Better’s direction namely the one he should be representing as His vicar, Jesus Christ as well as The Holy Ghost and of course, as his human advisor and better, the Blessed Virgin Mary

1. The church is not, never was, and never should be a democracy so drop the collegiality thing (Authority Matt 16:18 where Christ is quoted basically as saying you lead the church, directly through the prompting of the Holy Ghost not discussing it with other bishops whose collective decisions might lead you astray). Christ was in charge and led his church with unambiguous, authoritative, correct and direct guidance and left the Holy Ghost (John 14:16) so that the bishop of Rome, Christ’s vicar on earth could do the same. If you drop the collegiality thing, look to your predecessors and the tradition for daily guidance appeal to the Holy Ghost in matters of theology and the blessed virgin in most others (John 19:26-27), the church will grow and stop losing people and will experience an explosion in vocations of all types.

2. From the Fatima apparition (based again on John 19:26-27) the first thing you must do is get with the bishops of the world and together consecrate Russia to the immaculate heart of Mary (because God’s mother asked in the church endorsed Fatima Apparition). It must specify just Russia as the blessed virgin asked and just like God the Father asked Moses to tell the people that water would come from the rock to get it to come from the rock not to strike the rock (you would think doing things slightly different wouldn’t matter but to get the effects humans need they must follow the directions of the all-knowing Being who loves us and made the whole universe for us). God needs nothing, He and our Blessed Mother tell us to do things for our welfare. Moses did not follow Gods direction but used his own judgement on how to do something God wanted and was punished for it by not allowed in to the Promised Land (Numbers 20:8-12) we must obey our mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, exactly, if we want the church repaired.

3. For heaven’s sake at least run a controlled experiment where you will accept the results however they point and mandate the extraordinary form of the liturgy be celebrated in every parish, as well as reinstate the old form of the sacrament of Holy Orders to including solemnly taking the pledge against modernism and see if that does not rectify our falling numbers in the church as well as increase vocations and increase the holiness of those entering in religious vocations. Also insure that the bishops consecrating were consecrated with the old Latin rite by bishops who themselves were consecrated by the old Latin rite of an unbroken succession from Christ himself. Your predecessor Pius V mandated the Latin mass and the form of the Latin mass in the encyclical Quo Primum, binding the mandate even in heaven (Matthew 18:18) in perpetuity, converting it from a flexible discipline to a binding discipline. There are so few of these binding disciplinary encyclicals to prevent abuses like the dancing in mass as a result of the allowance of the novus ordo. The novus ordo I feel (canon lawyer is the only one that can make a final call) is illicit not only because it goes against the papal bull Quo Primum of Pius V (Isaiah 22:22, Matthew 16:19) but it goes against the more modern encyclical Mediator Dei by Pius XII in that the doctrine of the church is not safeguarded but manipulated to a protestant meaning, as can be seen by the fact that protestant ministers were brought in to help construct it, so that it was to their satisfaction. Because the church believed in the Latin adage lex orandi, lex credendi – the law of belief follows the law of worship. We study what the lord taught and pass it on to the next generation. If you do this, the church will grow and stop losing people and will experience an explosion in vocations of all types. All new rites created after Vatican II, if the pope decides to keep them in the vernacular and not simply translated verbatim, with regard to meaning, from the old Latin rites to the vernacular, should be looked at for fidelity of translation as well as matter and form to insure their validity. The current sexual abuse seen in parishes and seminaries may be caused by the supernatural defects of the sacraments especially of Holy Orders.

4. The pope should emphasize and insist that priests and bishops also emphasize to their flocks that those things which Jesus Christ thought to be important and which have been downplayed or ignored by recent previous popes. Among this is the sanctity of the lives of the unborn, the importance of the marital act for creating citizens of heaven as well as emphasizing the wrongness of contraception/homosexuality due to this fact, the reality of hell, the fact of purgatory (for support of this see the bible 2 Maccabees 12:41–46, 2 Timothy 1:18, Matthew 12:32, Luke 23:43, 1 Corinthians 3:11–3:15 and Hebrews 12:29 ), the importance of the sacrificial nature of the mass, the permanence of marriage and the fact that it is in force until the death of a spouse and that remarriage is a mortal sin with out the verification that the original marriage was not valid (also known as an annulment), the reality of angels, the reality of fallen angels (also known as demons or devils), the reality of the devil/Satan/Lucifer etc.

5. The other binding article from the council of Trent is the use of the Vulgate as a standard for a biblical text specifically because, like I see sometimes, redoing the bible to possibly get kickbacks for a specific publisher to make money like in Germany. If you use a translation, use one translated from the vulgate. For English speakers the standard is the Douey-Rhiems bible. Bottom line: back up not only Christ but your predecessors who, in Christ, endeavored to faithfully pass on his precepts without change since he is the Alpha and the Omega (Revelations 22:13) the beginning of all things and the thing that is the goal of all things especially as our way to the truth (John 14:6) in the march to eternity. Latin should be kept for Its solution to a problem in the Old Testament which was tested in World War II and possibly for an eschatological purpose conceivably effecting how a New Testament prophesy will be fulfilled. I am of the opinion that the Holy Ghost is the impetus behind the changes in the mass over history, to include canonizing the mass in Latin similarly to how God the Father influenced the gradual improvement in Jewish tent/temple worship in the Old Testament. As a result of something implied in the Second Vatican council, because of the papal bull Quo Primum (read it on the Vatican website) pope Paul VI illegally, in essence (though not directly), mandated changed the mass. Before this singularly rebellious act no pope, even Pope Pius V in Quo Primum ever forbade a rite used for the mass more than 200 years old even implicitly (as in the case of Vatican II) much less explicitly. The legality of the old Latin mass (i.e. that it was never abrogated), last revised in 1962 by Pope John XXIII, was reiterated by Pope Benedict XVI in his moto proprio “Summorum Pontificum” July 7, 2007 saying a priest did not need permission from a bishop to say the canonized Tridintine Latin mass (TLM).

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