Practical Measures to Mitigate the Church Crisis for Bishops Who Elect the Pope

As with the posts on laity, priests and bishops, those that elect the Pope should follow the suggestions for laity when they are laity etc. before they enter the priesthood and for bishops after their episcopal consecrations.

1. Literally, for Christ’s sake or rather the body of Christ’s sake, stop with the election of modernist already. Modernism is a heresy. Anybody who is not blind can see that popes are being elected that want to just go along with the world, repeat what the world says and not keep the words of Christ and the deceased vicars of Christ since St. Peter. You can pull politicians off the street to do that. We have gone almost 20 centuries and every new fad is almost invariably an old fad resurrected except for Christ’s radical message of love. In the beginning in the Trinity there was Charity (basically altruistic Love). God is self-sufficient in himself. Mercy cannot be his defining characteristic because He would need no mercy if there were only Him. His defining characteristic –Altruistic Love, AKA Charity is His giving for our benefit with no expectation of any return for His “benefit.” What benefit could something made of nothing give to its creator?

2. Return to tradition and do not discuss the election before/outside of the conclave and do not conspire before the conclave to elect a particular candidate (as appears the case recently as evidence in the book Infiltration by Dr. Marshall shows).

3. Encourage the Pope (or alternatively pick a pope) to legislate a return to the approximately 70 papal electors (based Luke 10:1-24) as was the case before the pope of Vatican II stacked the deck with 110-120 electors and made it so those older than 80 could not participate in the papal elections so that, knowing the electors and having chosen close to half knew the right number needed to definitively push the church toward his agenda. (see Papal Conclave and Papal Elections | by DCoreLabs | DCoreLabs | Medium on more about papal elections) If more are “needed” work to seek a biblically based number as the 70 elders Moses worked with plus 2 men in the camp (see numbers 11:25-26 or similarly Exodus 24:1, which I think the 72 selected by Christ in Luke 10:1-24 in the New Testament is based on) and have a relatively moderate way of doing it – i.e. taking away by attrition or adding say 3 new cardinals each conclave until the amount determined as required is reached.  I for one think it is clear that Pope Paul VI clearly and deliberately changed the number to force the choice of a modernist successor. 4. Pray and base your selection of a new pope on bringing someone in who will find, follow and enforce Gods will of happiness for humans most especially in the next life, stressing his precepts on how to live a holy life in this life (even though they may seem hard or harsh realizing from history that they ultimately do lead to happiness in this life as well as the next) and not be in league with the devil in doing what he thinks will make him (the new pope that is) popular and easy for the secularist to like him. The supreme pontiffs only goal should be service to the servants of God to help guarantee the salvation of as many souls as possible based on Jesus Christ teaching – deliver the mail from the Father, by way of the Son (Luke 10:16) and though the Holy Ghost (John 14:16).

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