Practical Measures to Mitigate the Church Crisis for Bishops

Bishops should do all that was mentioned in the past two blogs when they were laity and when they were priests and in addition

1.  When churches are designed ensure that the tabernacle for keeping the Blessed Sacrament is in the center front of the church (and not chairs for you or your priest, if chairs are needed they should be on the side). The church should be oriented so that when the priest faces the tabernacle, He is facing East. Design churches such that every church has a communion rail where the parishioners can kneel to receive the all-powerful Lord and Creator of the Universe, in the Eucharist, as nourishment for their souls in support of eternal life.  If there is no afterlife, bishops, you have no purpose.

2. You should build seminaries and stress in the seminary curriculum strong Thomistic philosophy and the celebration of the extraordinary form of the mass as called out in perpetuity from Quo Primum.  Stress and teach the sacred language, Latin. Teach that they should base their catechesis on the clear, concise and unambiguous catechism of the council of Trent and train them to preach from that base as once was the custom (Christ the same now and forever Hebrews 13:8).  And stress the importance to the young men becoming priests that they will be standing in place of Christ as the all-important offeror of the Holy Sacrifice of the mass and the unspeakable dignity of the Blessed Sacrament, that their hands are consecrated so that only they should touch it before it is put upon the tongue of the faithful.  That their hands and souls will be marked indelibly throughout their whole life and throughout all-eternity to their everlasting torment in hell or their everlasting glory should the succeed in attaining heaven, a place it is said, that the dignity of a priest is even higher than the angels.

3.  Bishops must insure good catechesis in Catholic schools and in the preaching of their priest in mass, because children are the future of the Church, the great mothers, nuns and priests of the Church, who must one day turn the tide of the modernist heresy (the synthesis of all heresies) that is today so deeply entrenched in the church all the way up to the highest levels of the church. He must require all his priests to take the pledge against modernism as all priests once did. With regard to the laity which is his responsibility, the biggest problem with modernism is it takes the world’s lax view with regard to sexuality.  Sex is for one female and one male to bond for life, to reproduce, to help successfully raise citizens of heaven (Thomistic philosophy is anchored in the fact that everything is created for a purpose and anything that supports that purpose but doesn’t detract from it is good). Since part of its purpose is to help bond a future mother and father together for life many things are permitted what is not permitted is the deposit of a future fathers “seed,” outside of a place which will yield, if it is God’s will, a new citizen of heaven (the prescription against this shown through Onan in Genesis 38:1-10). Stress that same sex attraction is only bad if acted upon in thought or action as heterosexual attraction is bad only if acted upon in thought or action before marriage. 4.  Bishops must rid themselves of pride and all modernist man-made notions and get back to following Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior only, giving him the honor and dignity due the Lord of the universe as well as giving that same honor and dignity to his precepts. It is on this basis and this basis only as well as their fervor to carry out this holy mission that they should select their successors, not on their ability to raise money, not on the basis of their “new enlightened” ideas not on only their ability to better manage a diocese (though this is something that should probably be considered, secondarily, after the selection criteria of being a son of the church and strict, totally devoted, apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ).

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