Practical Measures to Mitigate the Church Crisis for Priests

First of all priests should follow everything mentioned in the previous blog for laity, deacons, brothers, nuns and sister; but in addition:

1. Raise awareness of the Real presence of Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist and deliver all hosts on the tongue to people kneeling if possible but under no circumstance use Eucharistic ministers to distribute the host. Eucharistic ministers are not necessary, since they have not been needed in even the largest Cathedrals for the last 1500 years and during that time was done in extreme necessity by Acolytes, the minor orders, or alter boys. Divorced and remarried without the benefit of an approved annulment and notorious sinners should not be given the Eucharist unless in the case of divorced they get a valid annulment and in the case of notorious sinners they have at least a valid confession and if possible a public recanting of their sin (read here “Catholic” politicians or prominent laymen advocating abortion, contraception) and at least not repeating their advocation of abortion/contraception or any other practice or idea against church teaching.  Similarly, communion should not be given to  Freemasons (as opposed to the Catholic “equivalent” of the Knights of Columbus) for having the not so hidden agenda of aiming to destroy the Catholic church, create a new world order, normalize homosexual marriage, and/or advocate for communism. 

2. They should insure good catechesis and preach clearly on the subjects of homosexuality, contraception, hell, abortion, the greatness of God, the depravity of sin and all other uncomfortable subjects. God created the universe out of nothing and therefore we were all less than dust, indeed nothing.  All humans have a lie detection instinct and that is why the church is losing members (ie because the churches losing members are not telling the truth or hiding the truth). The church was created by Jesus Christ who is God and if we tell the Truth, His Truth, The Truth, we will again start attracting people to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  Oh Yeah and stress that too, that there is indeed only One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church – there can’t be 2 truths. Priests should clearly preach the solid Dogma laid down by Jesus Christ in their sermons and homilies.

3. They should stress the reception of the sacraments and deliver them in Latin as prescribed by the council of Trent. The reply will come “that’s too old,” but it’s, also from experience, too right because after the new mass we started losing vocations and laity to atheism and other religions. Also I credit the possible invalid apostolic succession (at most and at least not clarifying clerical duties and the diminution of the fact that the mass is a sacrifice) the corruption of the form of Holy Orders, in whole, for the sex abuse scandal plaguing our church today. Without valid Holy Orders it will only get worse.

4. Masses should be conducted ad orientum or facing God/East returning the Blessed Sacrament tabernacle in the center front of the Church. In the religion of corrupting the meaning of Vatican council II (a religion one might call Vaticanism because it moves away, either directly or by omission what Jesus Christ taught in the New Testement and has been re-emphasized by the early fathers of the church – i.e. pre-500 AD), man is God with 3 chairs inhabiting the center of the church where God, in the person of Jesus Christ used to really and truly be present (and still is if the Hosts are validly concecrated). I say used to because unless Holy Orders validly pass on the grace needed to create priest and bishops transubstantiation does not occur. Previous popes have outlined the valid and efficacious form (words) needed for a valid priestly and episcopal consecration and if only the language was changed it would possibly still be efficacious and if the change was made with the faithful in mind.  I say possibly because Quo Primum requires Latin for the mass but there is no mass without priests and bishops.

5. For those young men wanting vocations as a priest look for a seminary with a good solid Thomistic philosophical foundation which stress the Latin mass and teaches them that they are the most important part of the parish, the one who offers the holy sacrifice of the mass. The power does not come from the people in the pews as many modernist try to make us believe but passed down from Jesus Christ himself to the priest through apostolic succession formally maintained by Catholic bishops of the Roman rite and orthodox Catholic bishops not in schism (thus the One, Holy, Catholic, and APOSTOLIC Church).

6. Remember when you go out never dress like just another one of the laity, in the community as in mass you stand in place of the Lord and should give a good example to all and make people uncomfortable that they should be doing better at whatever they do in support of the salvation of their own immortal souls as well as others and bringing the goodness and happiness that comes with the reign of Christ the king into the world.

7. Concentrate your efforts on the salvation of souls. If you raise good souls, father, then the social work will take care of itself through saintly laity. Saintly laity such as Cesar Chavez, he was laity married and if I’m not mistaken had 7 or 8 children and did not use contraception. Or Leck Walensa also with 8 kids, Oh wait a minute he was also Catholic laity. My point is social justice is best done by motivated laity, the priest’s job is to so motivate the souls of his parish not with “social-justice-preaching” but more “being-more-like-Christ-preaching,” stressing all of Christs attributes: like defiance in the face of weasels (think Pharisees and should we pay taxes and whose face is on the coin – Mark 12:15-17), righteous anger (the sellers who cheated people at the temple and Him throwing them out John 2:15-17), and doing the right thing in the face of deadly odds (this is really kind of a bad example, with regard to laity pulling most of the load, but think bishop Romero assassinated doing his job of saving souls celebrating mass in defiance of the authorities, this should be common place for a priest or bishop was was the case in NAZI concentration camps).

8. Be conscientious in your recitation of the Holy office (1Thesslonians 5:16-18).

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