Practical Measures to Mitigate the Church Crisis for the Laity as Well as Deacons, Brothers, Sisters, and Nuns

Though this is the meat of what every traditionalist catholic as well as “everyday modern serious Catholics” want to know and I guess feel is shrouded in mystery, the answer, it would seem to me, is fairly simple and I will give you what I think it is in this blog. So if you are laity, and that is all you are looking for thank you for visiting my blog and hopefully you will implement your part. For priests and bishops I will cover in future blogs. Laity should appeal to their bishops to implement their part. So why even come back to this blog? Because you may not think it is this simple, all the rest of the postings to this blog as well as previous ones will be some of the logical and theological back ground supporting my solution. I will give, for brevities sake, base pieces of scripture, (at least for this the laity section) supporting my thesis that this is the solution. In the course, of the blog other odds and ends which I was curious about and which, through reading literature from the great saints, as well as analyzing scripture, will be covered.

1. Attend mass as often as possible and if worthy receive our lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. (those who are worthy have broken none of the old testament commandments and have attempted to follow the new testament commandments – the new testament commandments being the beatitudes. There are some common modern sins that are not considered related to the commandments but how they are will be discussed in my blog and they include: contraception, being divorce and remarried and having sex with the new person you are currently “married” to without a valid annulment from the catholic church – one which makes sense and not one you got from a lax prelate to either try abandon your kids to your former spouse or to just to allow you again to slake your sensuous thirst, engaging in the homosexual sexual lifestyle, not simply having a same sex attraction, heterosexuals engaging in the hook up culture life style of having casual sex with whoever you can convince, and of course abortion). BUT ATTEND MASS AT LEAST EVERY SUNDAY OR HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION UNLESS IMPEDED BY AN INSURMOUNTABLE OBSTICAL SUCH AS BEING DEATHLY ILL, IN A WAR ETC., which follows from Exodus 20:8. Also attend a traditional Latin mass (TLM) with a validly ordained priest, whenever possible because by Pius V encyclical Quo Primum it is the only legal mass that can be celebrated until the end of time. (Matt 16:18) All women at a TLM cover their heads with a hat or veil because of 1 Corinthians 11: 1-5. It can be a modern style, just not of an inappropriate/offensive nature such as a baseball cap with profanity. The sacred is always covered especially in a sacred place such as in a Roman Catholic Church. In fact a priests head is also cover in TLM masses until he takes it off at the beginning of mass to stand in place of Christ, during the mass, since Christ as God has no disciplinary restrictions. The why a woman and a priest are sacred concern the fact that women are responsible for the physical birth and life of humans, who are, along with angels, among God’s crowning creations and priests are responsible for the spiritual birth and life of humans.

2. Receive the sacraments when needed and as in the case of the Eucharist as often as possible and as in the case of confession at least when in mortal sin, before communion, and once a month as with the Saturday devotion to the Virgin Mother, if possible. As a minimum, confession and the Eucharist should be received, according to cannon law during lent etc. In John 14:6 Christ says he is the Truth and the Way, that Truth and that Way is pointed to through the sacraments.

3. Pray the rosary daily with and for your family if married (as well as if you are single) and if possible, a second one for the salvation of the world. A minimum of morning and evening prayers and pray before meals. In John 19:26-27 Jesus as God the Son, truly assigns the Virgin Mary as the mother of all Catholics and in her apparition at Fatima, as the only possible undying mother, she asks us to pray the rosary which includes the Our Father (what Christ labeled the perfect prayer). And 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says pray constantly but at least at the times mentioned. Praying constantly can be satisfied by offering up the pains and sorrows as well as the joys of each day to God and insuring each act has him in mind, avoiding sin with the resolve not to sin.

4. Participate in Eucharistic adoration to elevate consciousness of the real presence of our lord in the Eucharist. (John 6:56-69)

5. Be conscientious in your recitation of the Holy office if you are a deacon or if required as a member of a minor order (1Thesslonians 5:16-18).

6. Generate a grass root insistence that a foundation of selecting candidates for the episcopate (that is for bishops) be based on a selection process that originates in the Diocese, from all clergy and laity. In the case of what may be happening now the operation of the magisterium/Curia should not be able to use the human means (selection of the cardinals from seminary to electors of the pope) of one possibly infiltrated person (i.e. the current pope) to select the electors of the next pope and future bishops. The power of the Holy Ghost must return to the papal selection process. Also electors of the pope (if not all bishops) should not have the age restriction imposed by Pope Paul VI as the pope himself has no age restriction, as the bishop of Rome. The number cardinals/electors of the pope should be allowed to be reduced to the pre-1970 count of 70, which Pope Paul VI increased to 120, just slightly less than double, to insure, with the fact that those over 70 could not vote, his philosophy would live in the next pope and possibly in all subsequent popes. And finally they should insist in bringing back the old method of DISCOVERING if a person is a saint (i.e. pre-Vatican counsel II, since that is when laxity in both dogma and honesty/integrity began but not until John Paul II did the actual process change) as opposed to the current process which seeks to imply that the pope, or the church can make a person a saint – likely for some political reason. A saint is by definition is anyone who is in heaven. Only God, in the person of Jesus Christ, can make a saint, as the judge of the living and the dead (all power in heaven an on earth has been given to, Matthew 28:18?), admitting her or him to heaven. The devil’s advocate, who was critical of all the candidate saint’s supposed acts, miracles, writings and character to try to exposes any “dirt” on him or her, who was deleted from the process by John Paul II and the requirement for 3 miracles, which was reduced in the process makes canonization more of a political appointment instead of a discovery of residence in heaven. The laity has to clearly let the clergy know that they see what has been going on. They know Christ and therefore his Catholic Church must remain the same here now and forever – Hebrews 13:7-9. The need to bombard the Vatican with a blizzard of correspondents as many as possible of the 1.3 billion Catholics need to send snail mail, instant message and email (but preferably snail mail – physical letters using the local national postal service, united parcel post etc.)

7. After about 50-100 years when orthodoxy is again well established generate a grass root insistence that the Holy Office’s duty of creating “the Index” of heretical books be reinstated so Catholics will know what not to read as well as the reinstatement of the process to determine which works can carry the IMPERMATUR!!!

8. Invoke the help of our mother – Christ’s mother, as the mother of the Mystical body of Christ (John 19:26-27). This can be done through the devotion of the scapular and or the miraculous medal – that is, again of course, in addition to our primary weapon against the forces of evil, the rosary. The book Infiltration by Taylor R. Marshall mentioned in my first blog, shows evidence of how the magisterium of the church appears to be infiltrated by Masons, communist and heretics and whose pronouncements have been the targets of an unanswered Dubia and challenges by eminent Catholic theologians to give clarification of seemingly heretical additions to the traditional teachings of the church as well as conflicting with traditional historical dogmas of the church. Due to this possible rupture in the

traditional teaching of the catholic church (which can never be changed, even by a pope, but can only clarified – Galatians 1:6-12), we have need to depend on our Blessed Mother for help until this crisis is definitively surmounted.

9. Only read books concerning Catholic dogma before 1962 with the Imprimatur/Nihil Obstat because Christ – the mystical body of Christ, is the same now always and forever (Hebrews 13:8)). If it was what Christ wanted 60 years ago or 1900 years ago is the same now. Recently the heretics within the church have written documents to try to corrupt even the elect, but the elect must realize this and cry out to God for help (Luke 18:1-10). Know what Christ wanted through the uncorrupt magisterium of the ages.

Future blogs will refer to what the different levels of the clergy should do to ameliorate the crisis

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