Catholic Periodicals I Subscribe to and/or have an interesting traditional bent

One periodical I subscribed to when I was still a novus ordo Catholic (kept in the dark I feel because I was in the military and had little choice except the on-post mass). I still subscribe and find the articles interesting and informative.  They are also not anti-tradition. In the May 2022 edition it reviews book “The Traditional Mass: History Form, & Theology of the Classical Roman Rite.” By Michael Fiedrowicz. Translated by Rose Pfeifer, Angelico Press

New Oxford Review

(10 issues per year $24/year except for retired, students and unemployed for which it is $19/year. Add $12 for foreign subscriptions)

Subscription address is: 1069 Kains Ave., Berkeley, CA 94706, Phone: 510-526-5374

More traditional are:

The Angelus

(bi-monthly publication $45/year USA and $65/year in foreign countries on-line $20/year at

Subscription address is: P.O. Box 217, St. Mary’s KS 66536

Physical subscription request URL:

Catholic Family News

(a monthly publication “Promoting Catholic Truth in a Pluralistic Society” one year in US $42 US, Canada/Mexico $49 CDN, Europe/Asia $78)

Subscription addresses:

In the US:  M.P.O. Box 743, Niagra Falls, NY 14302

In Canada: P.O. Box 694, Niagara Falls ON  L2E 6V5

The Remnant

A traditional bi-weekly newspaper I have read. $40 annually, $25 for E-Edition.  URL to subscribe is:

The Latin Mass

A magazine published 4 times a year, “The Journal of Catholic Culture and Tradition,” 1 year $35 in the US and $50 in US currency for delivery in Canada and $70 overseas. eEdition $15.

Subscription address: 82 E Allendale Road, Suite 8B, Saddle River NJ, 07458

I suggest you check them out at your local library through the inter-library exchange program and based on your budget and the time you can devote to religious reading order the one that best fits your needs.

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