A Summary of the Catholic View of the Totality of Reality

         The following quote is from a book entitled Theology and Sanity by F. J. Sheed published by Sheed and Ward in 1947 in London which is a great book to read for and in-depth look at theology from a catholic perspective and has the following excellent summary of how Catholics succinctly describe our cosmos/universe:

        Now the Church does thus see the universe. Just as we never think of an eye without at the same time being aware of the face, She never seed anything at all without in the same act seeing the face of reality:  God infinite and eternal, Trinity , Unity; humanity, finite, created in time, fallen and redeemed by Christ; the individual man born into the life of nature, reborn into the life of grace, united with Christ in the Church which is His Mystical Body, aided by angels, hindered by devils, destined for heaven, in peril of hell.

Every bit of this summary is looked at in-depth in Theology and Sanity and it carries a 1946 IMPRIMATUR from Westminster.

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