Truth and the Necessity of Being in Christ’s Church the Catholic Church

           The truth is the truth and Christ says you must be in his church and the church clarifies that we must believe in all the first 1.5 thousand years of the church taught (Christ – as a person of the one nature of God in the Trinity, is the origin of all things and the end to which all things in the universe gravitate toward – the Alpha and the Omega (Revelations 22:12-13), the first cause, the non-contingent being upon which all things that exist depend upon to continue to exist, Christ is the same now and forever  (Hebrews 13:7-6)).  The reason for the first millennia and a half is because that’s approximately how long it was from Christ’s birth to the start of Protestantism, the first heresy that was not stopped with regard to Christianity. It split Catholicism into approximately, at last count at least 20,000 different belief systems or at least arguably separate “denominations.”  Why do I say split Catholicism and not split Christianity?  Because what people now call Catholicism (excepting the modernist heretics in the highest levels of the Catholic church, possibly stretching to the top from some things we’ve heard this year – 2022, and recent years with this bishop of Rome).

           If we don’t internalize the truth or “habitize” (this new word meaning make into habits) the original truths of Jesus Christ preserved through his blessing in the Catholic Church, the church and subsequently heaven can’t be a perfect society God designed it to be.  That is why Christ says we must become perfect as His father in heaven is perfect (Matthew 5:48). There is only one Truth. Only Christ’s church sees the Truth clearly. I say Christ’s Church because it’s not what just the pope says, or some bishop says or some priests say, or even what some of the laity or Deacon says or the way any of them interpret the bible.  Its how Christ’s Church tradition or the true body of Christ on earth with him as the head and the pope as his vicar interpret it in the one thousand five-hundred-year aggregate. What has been determined earlier can never be changed, clarified yes, but not subtracted from or added to.

          That is the problem introduced by Protestantism, every protestant can add or subtracted whatever they want from the dogma, but mostly they do it for convenience because they want to justify abortion, justify unnatural sex acts, justify any sex outside of marriage, justify contraception, justify the treatment of workers to make more money or justify oligarchs pushing socialism/communism (though not calling it that as in the United States, some people calling it progressivism) saying they are making things better for the “little guy” while all the while pushing their agenda at the “little guys” expense.  Unfortunately, our secular society has declared war on religious society as can be seen by how they are trying to eliminate God from the political conversation by taking or at least trying to take God’s name and his precepts out of everything (e.g. taking down monuments to the 10 commandments, trying to take the word “God” out of the pledge of allegiance, trying to take prayer out of schools even religious ones).

           It was once said by the Greek tragic dramatist Aeschylus that “In war, truth is the first casualty.” We saw the truth in this in the period from 2016-2022 with the Russian collusion hoax perpetrated on General Flynn and president Trump and the hiding of the Hunter laptop story that might have changed the trajectory of the 2020 election.  All these things were done to the profit of the liberal progressives and to the detriment of the world (think the Ukraine war) and the American people. But we as Catholics believe Christ and therefore his precepts and the way He lived is the Path of the Truth, Christ being the living embodiment of the Truth (John 14:6).

          Now by being in Christ’s church – the catholic church, is not, like many in the church believe, just listening to, believing and following everything the clergy or even the pope says. The pope is the vicar of Christ he is not Jesus Christ.  We have an obligation, not to follow what the clergy says per se, but “every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4). The Gospel says in Matthew 16:18 “And I say to thee: That thou are Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” The gates of hell shall not prevail against “it” (that is the church) not “him,” (that is Peter). The misreading of this passage is what a lot of protestants rebel against. They think this passage puts the pope in the position of absolute authority.  What it does is put the whole church, as the body of Christ in authority.  That is why each Christian that wants to save their soul has to be Catholic with a well-formed Catholic conscience. If, as the current pope appears to believe, if a synod or group of cardinals/bishops decide something that makes it true despite at least one thousand five hundred Catholic dogma/doctrine to the contrary. The Truth is the same always no matter how much or who wants to change it.

           If like what happened with Martin Luther and Calvin continues to happen, splinter groups breaking off constantly so that now there are more than 40,000 separate “Christian denominations,” eventually it will truly be “believe whatever you want” which is what a non-Catholic contingent within the Catholic church called Modernists are essentially pushing.  In essence their concept of God is a pantheistic conception of an immanent God that is in some way part of this universe as opposed to a transcendent God that created the universe, can see everything in the universe and keeps it in existence but is in no real way a part of it. They have the idea that dogma and doctrine can evolve, like biological things, based on “the times.”  Assuming this Catholics would be “of the world” and not just “in the world” which Jesus Christ said we should not be (John 17:11-21). In this passage Jesus says we must be one in belief (from the way I interpret this passage) and in our relation to the world as the asks God the Father to keep us together and basically bless our mission to bring as many men and women back to him as possible.  As God is transcendent and outside this world so is our home heaven and its culture, true Catholic culture not the culture of Modernist worldly prelates who appear to be in many positions of power in the Catholic church in the 21st century.

            Unlike what many modernists seem to be saying, the truth is immutable.  It can never change. The meaning of what Christ said can never change. In John 14:6 “Jesus saith to him:  ‘I am the way, and the truth and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me.”  This is the specific case of who the way we accept truth as coming from our father in heaven. In Matthew 23:9 where Jesus says: “And call none your father upon earth; for one is your father, who is in heaven.” he is referring to the authority of a father not actually calling someone father. In Hebrews 13:8, St. Paul in his letter to the Hebrews assures us that “Jesus Christ, yesterday, and today; and the same forever.” Christ is the Truth and as He never changes the truth never changes.  And since in John 10:30 Jesus Christ says I and the father are one, you can also trust in Jesus’ authority.

          You can refine truth but you can never say what was true yesterday is not true today. For divorced and remarried, modernist argue that for some reason they can worthily receive communion. Mark 10: 8-9, in regard to marriage, says “. . . and the two will become one flesh.’ Therefore, what God has joined together, let not man put asunder.” If you disobey this command of God on purpose, which is mortal sin, are you still worthy to receive the real body and blood of Jesus Christ, that was sacrificed to make the infinite reparation for the infinite offense of Adam and of all men that sin, before stopping the sinful behavior and submitting one’s self to the tribunal of confession which God has established to carry out acceptable reparation (penance) ruled by the judge empowered by God as duly delegated executer of his justice? (John 20:23)

          Men and women of today in the church that see how corrupt heretical prelates are trying to infuse their corruption in the church are obligated to call them out and follow Jesus Christ’s and the example of his church which has had the same dogma supplemented by infallible doctrine (not all doctrine is infallible or non-changing especially in the case of displine e.g. fasting rules) for almost 100 generation, almost 2 millennia transmitted not only through Holy Scripture but through Holy Tradition which has enshrined those Holy scriptures in the way the common Catholic has lived their lives through Catholic culture.

          If we in the church disagree, we are obligated not to leave the church but to work to correct it by working to get rid of not only the bad dogma/doctrines (like trying to get rid of the Latin mass which pope St. Pius V said could never be abolished in his papal bull Quo Primum) being pushed on the church but by exposing the bad prelates and their heresies to the benefit of the souls striving for heaven. Who would disagree that if United States of America had let the south secede from the union that the United States would have become so much less than the defender of the moral high ground that it is from almost its inception to today in 2022?

         The biggest reason that supports that The Catholic Church is the one true church of Jesus Christ is supported, using Holy Scripture in the Bible, is one of the four marks (one, holy, Catholic – universal, and apostolic) Christ’s true Catholic Church of Jesus Christ is that it’s apostolic (the fact that every priest and bishop can trace who he got his sacrament of “holy orders,” making him a priest is from someone who can trace the linage of their “holy orders,”) back to an apostle.

         But why is this important? In The Acts of the Apostles (commonly referred to as jus Acts) Chapter 8 of the New Testament of the Bible, we see Simon the magician trying to buy the power to bring the power of the Holy Ghost on to followers apparently to have them as followers for his own benefit. We see only the apostles have this power and transfer it as they will given the power by Jesus Christ on Pentecost.  So not anyone can be a priest or bishop of Christ passing on his teachings and having the extra ordinary power of the sacraments and recognition of Christ’s special followers associated with it.

         In the same chapter 8 of Acts verses 27-38 it appears to me to make clear only these specially selected followers of Christ have the power, given good intention on their part, to accurately interpret scripture.  Specifically in Acts 8:29-30 the apostle Philip says and the eunch replied: And Phillip running thither, heard him reading the prophet Isaias, and he said: Thinkest thou that thou understandest what thou readest? Who said: and how can I, unless some man shew me? And he desired Philip that he would come up and sit with him.” What is trying to be conveyed here is that a true apostle of Christ must teach another wanting to be a follower of Christ to insure the correct meaning is passed on, to that follower.

         Part of why the current modernists in the church have gotten things so wrong is that they reject the whole concept of sacrifice and that God should have it or even wants it. I see these prelates as the type who would complain, if dying of thirst in the Sahara Desert and suddenly came upon a refrigerator with and icy cold 1 liter bottle of water, they would complain that there was not a lemon in it for flavoring!!! They would prefer life to be simply a celebration, reminiscent of the festival of Bacchus without being overtly lewd – at least for the time being, instead of a life of sacrifice and discipline to improve the lot of our fellow man, as we relive every time we offer the holy sacrifice of the mass.

          Before Christ came to show us what God wanted, people sacrificed animals they could have eaten, sacrificed beautiful virgins they could have married, sacrificed children who could have further the civilization, mutilated themselves through cutting and giving their blood to the gods instead of staying completely whole and healthy. Jesus Christ made the perfect sacrifice himself and basically asked his people, Catholics, to participate in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the un-blooded, co-participatory act with Calvary where He returns truly, body, blood, soul and divinity to feed us.  We as Christs followers are to follow his example of sacrifice to control ourselves to the benefit of others, to visit prisoners, feed the hungry, fight poverty, fight injustice and fight senseless violence.  Our sacrifice is to help our world see Christs as it savior, and enthrone him as King of our mortal world, emplacing His supernatural virtues of faith hope and Charity to bring the world, through Catholic culture, as close to heaven as possible and to save as many souls as possible, preferably all.

        My point in this discussion was that Catholics should work to expel both heterodox dogma and their conspiring prelates and that Christians must come back together accepting Christ’s precepts to once again have one, holy, Catholic and apostolic church to function as a catalyst to bring the world together to accomplish what the elitist, communistic and masonic United Nations cannot – lasting world  peace.

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