Reading on Heaven and Hell

           Heaven and hell are 2 of the last 4 things: death, Judgement, heaven, hell. I have covered them both recently in blogs, but I suggest more reading to get a clearer picture of 2 of these last four things by experts the likes of saints and Roman Catholic priests.   

           One book that speaks of the many joys of heaven and tries to cover some nagging questions like what if my children don’t make it to heaven is:

“The Happiness of Heaven,” fourth edition, by Father J. Boudreau, Tan Books, 1984

ISBN-10 :  0-89555-232-9

ISBN-13 : 978-0895552327

           If you are reading this blog hell is something that you are probably vigorously trying to avoid anyway and really don’t need convincing of the insanely horribly torturous place it is. None emphasize that God is not directly responsible as I have tried to show but the torments it causes that you might not think about are delineated in this short book (so short more like a pamphlet really – about 46 pages) by cardinal, doctor of the church and saint – Robert Bellarmine.

“Hell and its Torments,” by St. Robert Bellarmine. Tan Books, 1990

ISBN-10 : 0895554097

ISBN-13 : 978-0895554093

         If you want a more in-depth book (close to 500 pages) that catalogs apparitions from hell as well as giving a large portion on specifically how to avoid hell:

“Hell: The Dogma of Hell, Illustrated by Facts Taken from Profane and Sacred History plus How to Avoid Hel,l” by Father F.X. Schouppe and Thomas A Nelson, Tan Books, 1989

ISBN-10 : 0895553465

ISBN-13 : 978-0895553461

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