Why Christ’s Religion (Catholic Church), can from now Until the End, only Have Male Clerics          

         The reason why no other female may ever transubstantiate common matter into the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ (i.e. why there can never be any other woman priest/bishop/pope) is because if there was there would literally be no reason for God to have created both male and female. The fact that women bring men and women into the physical world and protect raise and nourish their physical bodies (with St. Monica she helped St. Augustine her son until he was a man) make them necessary to have any people at all.  The fact that priests usually bring men and women spiritual life, in essence bring them into the spiritual world, and are the only ones capable of “healing” them, nourishing them and giving them clear authoritative knowledge of the church and God is why they are necessary for the human race.

         The reason why there can never be a woman priest is the fact that men and women are fundamentally different (Genesis 1:27).  Their roles are separated as discussed in the previous paragraph. Women physically bring candidates for citizens of heaven into the world and physically care for them and men who choose to become priests are usually responsible for giving those candidates conditional citizenship to participate in the life of heaven (sanctifying grace at baptism) and always responsible for nourishing those citizen and “resurrecting” them into the life of heaven when they fall victim to the devil and mortal sin. The dimensions of human existence are composed of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.  In the realm of relationships and only the realm of relationships, men are designed by God to functioning most happily in the spiritual and mental dimensions though they can also be effective in the physical and emotional dimensions.  In the realm of relationships and again only in the realm of relationships and specifically marriage, women function most happily in the physical and emotional dimensions but can also be effective in the spiritual and mental dimensions.  Men prefer the abstraction of the mental and spiritual world and are at home transmitting the mysteries of the spiritual world and when they transubstantiate unleavened bread into the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ they can be quite comfortable in the underlying reality and can derive a great deal of joy in this form of the function of transubstantiation. But in the celibacy of the priesthood, they are called to sacrifice the physical pleasures of marriage. Women on the other hand would be most at home with a more emotional interaction and physically interacting with their husbands to physically transmit life to their children and also emotionally support their children (1 Peter 3:7).  As religious, in the role of consecrated virgins, women are called to provide spiritual support of the church through prayer and emotional and mental support in their teaching of children in schools/orphanages, in the care of the elderly, especially religious, in retirement homes as well as care of the poor and destitute in shelters like Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Women in the role of sisters and nuns are called to sacrifice the emotional as well as physical aspects of marriage especially when they are in a cloister having taken a vow of silence.  

         But does this mean a woman is neither allowed or suited to lead a multinational corporation which may contain men? Absolutely not.  As seen of the CEOs of many companies these days women are just as capable of men of being leaders and God is not against this outside of religious practice (Galatians 3:28).  Men and women are created equal in Christ’s image!!!  This hierarchy or separation of functions of men and women apply only in the realm of religion and since a set of one man and one woman are ordained by God as needed to produce possible citizens of heaven (the children must choose of their own free will) this also applies to marriages.

         Many reading this section so far will think this is all fine and good but assuming we do accept this analysis why can’t a female be allowed to carry out the function of transubstantiating normal matter into the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ, i.e. why can’t a female be a priest? The simple answer is that the words reserved for a female to transubstantiate are clearly different from a males and are designed to create a result most appealing to her feminine nature.  The more complex reason is God is a personal God and in his relationship with the one and only teenage female to transubstantiate was such that He would, in perpetual honor to her, for having given him a complete and unqualified yes to all He asked of her, the one time He personally gave her the choice and in how she lived her life, sinless, He made her the only female to be able to transubstantiate matter into the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ.

          If you are acquainted with the New Testament of the Bible, you know the 14 year old virgin of Jewish decent that I am talking about was Mary and that her words of consecration, that gave her the completely human child who was also, through some mysterious twist of reality, was also completely God – Jesus Christ, were “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done unto me according to thy word.” (Luke 1:27-38) These words resulted in, Jesus Christ, the Messiah being born to her being physically raised by her, being taken care of by her when he was sad when he fell and got hurt and fully human part of Jesus being taught, most especially about humility, by the human with the most perfect humility (who else would God trust teaching this most important human virtue to his son?).

         After Saint Joseph died the Blessed Virgin Mary was responsible for raising, teaching and indeed leading Jesus into the man He was to become, as Queen Mother of heaven, when the catholic church consisted of only her and Jesus Christ, she was literally the equivalent of a present-day pope.  There is little if any doubt that she, a woman, sits at the right hand of Jesus Christ – God.  God has nothing against a woman being anything, as demonstrated in the person of the blessed Virgin Mary, but due to her total humility and obedience, the blessed Virgin Mary is the only woman who will ever be considered the equivalent of a cleric.  The husband wife hierarchy is to delineate clear order within the family so no confusion would result in who, in the case of the family would be in charge. Even the Blessed Trinity, within the unified Godhead itself, with Persons co-equal in power, there is a definitive hierarchy: Father as head, Son, then Holy Ghost.  As Son Jesus Christ sits at the right hand of God the father and the Holy Ghost sits at the left hand of God the Father.

         This loyalty of a God who elevated what should have been an insignificant female teenage virgin to the station of queen of heaven, and destined to be remembered as the greatest of all women for the rest of time (Luke 1:47-49) for simply having agreed to doing God’s will by raising a child in the way of her people, is why I think Christianity attracted so many adherents early on, even though the most likely “benefit” of become a Christian in the first 3 centuries was martyrdom (i.e. death due to your accepting Christianity as your faith and refusing to renounce it even when given the only other choice of death).  He is the loyal God, who relates to us on a personal level.  When we do his will, He never forgets us and as one sees from the saints throughout history, He elevates those who follow his will, meticulously and completely, to the lasting memory of mankind.   Those that follow his will, all of it, to the best of their ability, enjoy a happy and fulfilling life on earth and eternal life after death.

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