Books for truth “seekers” supporting arguments for a Supreme Being as well as the Catholic religion

For neophytes and those new to my blog, a selection of books I consider good and which give a good conception of why I believe in a God and specifically the God described by Catholics and thought by them to be revealed in the Holy Bible, specifically the Latin Vulgate (the only version for about 1200 years) and best translated to the English in the Douay Rheims version (the only English Catholic version used for about 300 years. Its Protestant competition was the King James Version, basically created after the Douay Rheims Catholic English version of the Holy Bible).

Books arguing the existence of God.

Who Designed the Designer: A rediscovered Path to God’s Existence by Michael Argros, 2023, Ignatius Press, San Francisco.

The Last Superstition: A refutation of the New Atheism by Edward Feser, 2010, St. Augustine’s Press.  

Book arguing for the rationality of Christian Philosophy/morality

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, 2001 (the latest reprint), Harper Collins Publishers

A book on a conversion story of an Athiest to a Catholic supporting Catholicism being the form of worship specifically created by God for man among Christian denominations

Something other Than God: How I passionately sought Happiness and Accidentally found it by Jennifer Fulwiler, 2014, Ignatius Press. Also available in CD from Ignatius Pres and Lighthouse Catholic Media

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