Movie Review: His only Son

        This was decent movie. It was entertaining and not totally unlike the Bible narrative. But what was not in the movie, and I understand artistic license, was when God communicated with Abraham in the Bible he mostly used angels, He did not come himself to speak to Abraham. When God did communicate directly with Abraham it appears to be in dreams in the Bible. 

        I think this movie is for adults, because it deals with Abram having a concubine, which may tend to confuse children who one is trying to teach the faith to. Also, there is mostly dialog and not much action except for a couple of soldiers being jerks. Finally, it deals with the adult subjects of murder and rape. The wrongness of these things are illuminating, through the acting, of how these things should be abhorrent to humans and how decent humans should react to such things.

        In fact, I only remember 2 times God communicated with man directly, once with Moses to give him the 10 commandments and once to the society of the Jewish people as Jesus Christ to show them the commandments and His beatitudes, through example. There can be arguments about this but just as by the individual Eve man first fell, the “society” of Adam and Eve fell when Eve convinced Adam to also “fall.”  Each individual must accept and work for God in his on heart and work for Him together with His fellow Christians as part of the mystical body of Christ, in his own life to help God bring about the kingdom of heaven (Romans 12:5 and Colossians 1:18).  It has been left to man to be Jesus Christ’s words of good  news and hand’s to help the needy and helpless of this world and help them to possibly reach the happiness that most of the rich and learned, in their pride,  will not reach.

     Back to the movie, I also missed the fact that in the Bible when the 3 angels said that Sarah would have a son when they returned next year, she laughed behind them because she was so old and thought herself unable to have any children.  What I did like in this movie was the feeling I saw in the relationship between Abraham and his wife Sarah.  This exemplified what I saw in the Bible as what the feelings of each should have been.  It brought out the emotions I thought should be there based on the various situations portrayed in the movie.        In the end they made a reference to Jesus’ death and attempted to draw out how the request for Abraham’s sacrifice was a type of God the father’s sacrifice of his son.  It exemplifies how God desires mercy not sacrifice (Hosea 6:6, Hosea is also called Osee in some bibles and also Matthew 9:13) for us, but does not spare even His only begotten Son to help humankind.

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