Anti-Catholicism in America is not New

         A book I picked up and have skimmed over is call “The Persistent Prejudice: Anti-Catholicism in America” by Michael Schwartz.  This book is one you can see that the anti-Catholic prejudice Josh Hawley was fighting against in the You Tube video I cited last blog is not new.

        Arguably the biggest recorded lynching in American history, mentioned in this book, was of some 11 Italians (presumably Catholic because around that time almost everyone from Italy was Catholic) in New Orleans around 1891, who were rounded up for questioning for the killing of the police chief. A crowd broke into the jail where they were being held and lynched them to death. This book talks about anti-Catholic bias going all the way back to before the establishment of the United States in the pre-constitution colonies.   

      The book is cut into two parts, the first Recording the history of the bias touched on above and the second half discussing anti-Catholic myths (you know the “whore of Babylon,” the thousands that died in the inquisition because of the churches tyranny over 2000 years. Contrast this with the millions that died under Stalin, Mao or Hitler in just under 50 years, just sayin’).

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