12 books Catholics should read

12 books all Catholics should read, one being on what happened historically (not necessarily explaining what might have happened supernaturally) in the catholic church since Vatican II to ignite the bad doctrine which in turn precipitated the child abuse etc. and 4 resources for orthodox Catholic information

  1. For general Thomistic philosophy applicable to everyday life a good primer is: The One-Minute Aquinas by Kevin Vost
  2. On the existence of God:     Who designed the designer? By Michael Augros
  3. A more advanced look at the question of God’s existence:  the Last Superstition by Edward Feser
  4. Intuitive guide to the fact that Christianity is the most “natural” religion:   Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.
  5. A book documenting how the Church was responsible for Western Civilization. This is to answer the question from the churches detractors as well as to help your children be proud (as opposed to believing the lies perpetuated by atheists and enemies of the church) and choose to be Catholic: What so great about the Catholic Church:        How the Catholic Church built Western Civilization by Thomas E. Woods

Conversion stories of Women:

6. Something other than God by Jennifer Fulwiler

7. School of darkness by Bella Dodd (from the 1930 when the Tridintine Latin mass was celebrated)

Conversion stories of men:

8. Confessions by St. Augustine (a Roman citizen so he celebrated the older form of the Latin mass)

9. Kicking and screaming into the Catholic Church by Kevin Lowry

10.Home Sweet Rome by Scott Hahn

Understanding the reasons for the traditionalist movement and in my opinion key to bringing back the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.

11. Open Letter to Confused Catholics by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

What happened to bring the church to bring it into the state it is in today

12. Infiltration by Taylor Marshall


  1. The Oxford Review (Orthodox Novus ordo)
  2. The Angulus (Traditional)
  3. Catholic family news (Traditional)

Web sites:

Churchmilitant.TV ($10/mo. Premium membership mostly an orthodox Novus Ordo bent for news and daily commentaries, but the stuff that is purely Catholic (with practically no Vatican II heretical ideas) is the premium content on the saints, church history in general to include descriptions of heresies and the way they were fought by the various Popes, as well as commentaries on the Tridintine Latin Mass, lessons in Latin etc. appears especially interesting)

But why should we read these books? Because it will help us with what 1 Peter 3:15 asks of us: “but sanctify the Lord Christ in your hearts, being ready always to satisfy everyone that asketh you a reason of the hope which is in you.” Because of the laxity of our clergy due to modernism and the blanket lie that basically all religions are okay we have become lazy in learning why our religion is great and the only way (that is truly non-schismatic or heretical Catholicism)

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