The Indefectibility of the Catholic Church and Conspiracy type Theories Connected with it

        The next few posts will concern what must be done to pull the Catholic church “train back on the rails” so to speak if the indefectibility of the Church is not something that can get over the erroneous wording of sacramental ceremonies.  That would mean the indefectibility would not have allowed current rites, which Popes have said that certain key words as well as specific actions and “things” (e.g. water for baptism, certain type of oil for consecrations, unleavened bread for communion etc.) as well as right intention, to validly confect a sacrament. If it is the exactness of these things, that the words must be correctly translated from the Latin or only Latin must be used, some sacraments may not be valid. The past post which indicates what must be done assume that the indefectibility of the church has operated to give sacraments that are currently valid despite such radical changes resulting from the interpretation of Vatican II.

       Part of how changes that communistic, socialist and masonic infiltrators into the church might destroy it is to invalidate the sacraments. Assuming that we have mostly invalidly consecrated bishops in the Roman Rite, we must find older bishops or validly consecrated bishops in other rites to reestablish our episcopal lines. What things are changed that might have resulted in problems like this will be examined in the next few blogs.  One may think this would be nit picky on God’s part but if He invests power in his priests and bishops there should be some external indicator as to what leaders are loyal to him by how reverent they are to the rituals past down from earlier times. In other words apostate or disloyal priest and bishops are likely to disrespect past tradition in rebellion and make it possible for the laity to see and avoid following bad prelates and appeal for their removal for cause both through the church hierarchy and prayer.

        The conspiracy theory is that the devil has successfully succeeded in corrupting some if not all of the sacraments and that extra ordinary measures as opposed to the more tame methods outlined in earlier blogs are require to get the Catholic Church back on track.

        The next few blogs will be specific in the changes that have been made that are troubling.  Some things were, according to some on the translation committee, incorrectly translated from the Latin to at least the English, evidently to support an agenda to place acceptability of the Latin mass to other denominations over clarity adhering to strong catholic dogma for the salvation of souls.  Not being a theologian or a mystic, I cannot tell whether or not the changes actually invalidate the rites I can only point out the troubling changes.  In addition to the changes, in the new mass much was done to eliminate the mention of things like hell, demons and other unpleasant things needed to remind us that we as Catholics are travelers here and heaven is our home and final destination.

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