Books to help understand the Crisis in the Church

        To understand why the church and the world in general is so messed up we have to “zero out” our image of what a man should be as God created him, (which man has used his free will to corrupt) A good book for this, in my opinion is:

Man: the forgotten by F.J. Sheed, 1948, Sheed & Ward, London

       Inside the church there appears to be 5 separate forces, as opposed to just one, all of which has tried to either subvert church dogma/doctrine inhabiting or manipulating the highest church office and offices of the church, or simply trying to destroy the church outright through abuse of church members, through bad prelates they have managed to slip into bishop and cardinal positions in the church.

  1. Greedy church prelates especially in counties where the church in that country owned publishing companies (which as I understand, sold pornography among other questionable things) and are given a share of the taxes collected in that country through tax laws.

The St. Gallen Mafia: Exposing the Secret Reformist Group Within the Church, by Julia Meloni, 2021, Tan Books, North Carolina.

  • Masons, who in the document Alta Vendita (The relevant portions of interest from the original    revealed in writing by Pius IX (papacy from 16 June 1846 – 7 February 1878) as well as Pope Leo XIII (papacy from 20 February 1878 – 20 July 1903) excerpted in the book “permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita: A Masonic Blueprint for the Subversion of the Catholic Church by John Vennari , 1999, Tan Books; a complete copy of the document is in Marshall’s book Infiltration specified below), stated the fact that one of their goals was the destruction of the catholic church. Other seedy secret societies of the same ilk have reflected the same sentiment to allow their agendas to move forward.

The Broken Cross: The Hidden Hand in the Vatican by Piers Compton, 1984, 2nd Printing 1990, Veritas Publishing Company Pty Ltd, Australia.

  • Communist who wished to destroy the church in that the Catholic philosophy aimed to place moral power in the inalienable rights given to man by his Creator and not surrender absolute power to the communist government, allowing to abuse humans in any way that advanced their agenda. When you read these books and think about the United States and Communist China and Communist Russia, ask yourself in this year of 2022, if the US and its laws and feelings toward foreigners is so bad and communism is so good. why are million flowing over our boarders trying to get in?  If we are a good country:

AA-1025: The Memoirs of a Communist’s Infiltration in to the church, 1972, Tan books, North Carolina.

School of Darkness by Bella V. Dodd, 2017, Angelico Press, Ohio

  • Superpower Intelligence agencies/international criminal organizations whose interest in destroying the church consisted of insuring national or organizational sovereignty and in preventing the church from disrupting that sovereignty through the imposition of the reign of Christ the King on Earth:

Operation Gladio: The unholy alliance between the Vatican, the CIA and the MAFIA, 2018, by Prometheus books, New York (This book also shows how complicit the Masons were in their plan, the enemy of your enemy is your friend – derived from a Sanskrit adage)

  • Modernism is simply a heresy that basically purports that God is not transcendent but some how part of our universe. It purports that This is possibly the most dangerous clique that is poised to try to destroy the church because it is first of all in the church possibly at the highest level and it is an idea whose outward manifestations seem good but upon even a little thought would show is a seed which would eventually destroy any organized religion or its philosophy. I see it as saying a religion and its dogma can evolve. This means one religion can conceivably become any other religion.  This is the genius (well He’s God, duh) in Christ saying the same Yesterday, today forever (Hebrews 13:7-9). Our traditions and practices should change little if at all especially if we have produced good people especially saints, and if of God will not be changed anyway (Acts 5:39).

Modernism by Michael Davies, 2020,

One book that shows the overall changes that have been pushed in the church is:

Infiltration: Plot to Destroy the Church from Within by Taylor Marshall, 2019, Crisis Publications, New Hampshire.

One book that shows what a former pope did to try to solve the churches problems in the 1500s is:

Sr. Pius V: A brief account of his life, times, virtues & miracles, 1973, Tan Books, Illinois

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