Introduction to the blog and its purpose

        The primary purpose of this blog is first to hopefully help my family to come solidly back into the TRUE, one, holy, catholic and apostolic church/faith.  I plan to do this through discussions of Thomistic philosophy supporting the teachings and functioning of the church as well as explaining the purpose of many parts of the church in light of Holy Scripture as well as Sacred Tradition through the opinion of respected persons supporting my arguments.

         For respected persons, read here the fathers of the church, non-apostate/non-heretical popes like most popes before 1960 excluding the likes of the Borgias – Callixtus III and Alexander VI.  Also read here Saints critically vetted, to as much as possible to insure they are in the presence of God, not merely proclaimed so by the word of a pope, before the canonization process was broken after 1970 – i.e. after that the requirements for three verified miracles and a devil’s advocate was deleted. Really, are we to believe that the devil will never try to deceive us into following the example of a heretic or pray to one in hell so our prayers are both wasted and those asking supposed saints proceeding with hope of help and not receiving it? Remember, heaven is for the blessed of God and the canonization process is only to try as much as possible to VERIFY that a person is in heaven so Catholics do not waste their time appealing to the damned, for the damned to pray for help from God for them, and so ones identified to be saints can be an inspirational example to Catholics.  The pope saying someone is a saint does not grant that person entrance to heaven.  God’s mercy is reserved mainly for those in heaven, so Saints like Joan of Arc, who were unjustly tortured to death by supposedly holy jerks, will not have to deal with any jerks in eternity. 

            The secondary purpose of this blog will be to reiterate the essence of Catholicism before it “broke” and ultimately (which I will describe succinctly in one of my forth coming first blog post, which I hope is the start of a weekly blog, in light of the fact that I am, as of the writing of this intro in the middle east, scheduled for return to the U.S. in 2 weeks), followed by details for what each of the parts of the church needs to do – i.e. the laity/deacons, the priests, the bishops along with the bishops who elect the pope – cardinals and the one bishop identified to be special by our Lord Jesus Christ – the bishop of Rome) how we might fix it based on common sense, using what ROTC cadets would call the nuclear option and equivalent to what computer scientist are forced to do all the time.  Unless we get another pope like either Pius V or Pius X , don’t hold your breath for any of my suggestions to occur or for any real possible credible solution to be constructed any time soon. I think the Church will probably have to be perceived to be on the verge of utter destruction, finally heeding what I think was Our Lady’s warning at Fatima.   

           The tertiary purpose of this blog is to first see if there is interest in the subjects I am writing on, for my own expectation management, and to generate a few books on these subjects if there is interest, at least 2 books, just mainly for the consumption of my family with hopefully enough “popular” sales to encourage them to read them and to help give their lives a good Catholic guide to see that the Catholic way is actually God’s way. 

           As for myself I am a former ROTC student and pursued a degree in the hard sciences in hopes of getting a glimpse into the mind of God through the physical world created by Him and an MS in a discipline related to creation by man of a mind like man’s.  As for my religious bent I am, (what is known in Catholic circles as) a cradle Catholic.  I pray that this gives me a small “in” with the Holy Ghost who I hope helps me not to lead anyone astray. I also say a rosary nightly so that the devil’s principal adversary – not God or Jesus Christ, but the “woman” who the Catholics church holds is the Blessed Virgin Mary, and us Catholics, as the mystical body of Christ on earth, with the free will to decide our eternal destiny. Genesis 3:15 points to this fact of who the devils main adversary in this universe/reality is.  As a disclaimer, I am not a sitting pope or a former pope so I cannot make infallible calls and STRONGLY SUGGEST if anything in my blog appears off and think might lead you to spend an eternity in a “very uncomfortable place” (despite what some of those supposed catholic clerics who, in contradiction to Christ’s words in Matthew 7:13-14, say there is a chance that no one spends an eternity “where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not extinguished.” Mark 9:44) then you must ask a priest you trust (preferably legitimately ordained)  to be a “straight shooter” to counsel you on the truth in what I say. If there are opposing views from credible sources (saints most notably Thomas Aquinas, pre-1960 popes, church councils or traditionally “credentialed” priest and bishops) I will endeavor to point to them either on the internet or books which should be readily available at libraries.

         Finally, I plan to try to eventually monetize my blog sometime in the future, to hopefully have some money to send any future grandchildren, that might be born to the family, through a good “Traditional” catholic school, to learn the faith of our Roman Catholic (really Judeo-Catholic as opposed to Judeo-Christian) fathers instead of the new Vatican Religion, which I will henceforth in my blog call Vatican Modernism or Vaticanism as opposed to the traditional Roman Catholic faith which before 1960 was simply called Catholicism by all its adherence. 

         If this blog were to become highly successful, monetarily, in addition to hopefully helping possible future grandchildren and the parish which I attend and the organization that supports them, I would hope to possibly start a non-profit to either help teach aspiring, mainly catholic youth, a high paying skill and/or marry that training with a medical outreach program for people that might have trouble getting medical treatment on the coasts of the United States and, eventually, other nations. 

That Jesus Christ, since this section was partially penned on the feast day of the Triumph of the Holy Cross 14 September 2018, may help those of us who appeal to Him to triumph again against “the Jaws of hell”. I was unable to find time to post it until 20 January 2022 because I was busy with other obligations. This was the feast day of the martyr and pope St. Fabian and the martyr St. Sebastian. Since I believe in the communion of saints of the creed I ask these saints for their prayers in these endeavors. I plan to post my next blog by the 30th of January 2022, then weekly after that on the weekend.

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